A rmed with the Sony A6000 and the 55-210mm lens we headed to Foreland Point on Exmoor to search for some ponies.
We found a nice big herd of around 50-60 ponies all happily grazing.
I started clicking away happy to have found a herd, then disaster! My fully charged battery dies on me! I had only taken 1 battery, as our main camera the Sony A7rII was in use and all other batteries were needed at the office.

Anyone who’s been to North Devon will know there aren’t exactly that many camera shops around the corner of Exmoor.
So we got back in the car, back up and down the 1:4 hills through Lynton and onto Barnstable.
The shop J & A Cameras kindly charged me a battery for an hour while we grabbed some lunch then off again back to Exmoor to try again.

By now the sun was disappearing and grey clouds loomed! But the herd although smaller and dispersed was still there and I managed to grab a few shots before it started to pee it down.

I love or Sony cameras, however next on the list is a better zoom lens. I feel this one just isn’t too great at the top end of the zoom. Its fine for smaller prints, however, I like almost life-size prints for my fine art pieces which just doesn’t give me the sharpness and quality I’m after.
The dream lens is a Sony FE 100-400mm f/4.5-5.6 GM OSS Lens but it currently costs more than our car, soooo might just have to keep dreaming on that one!

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